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       Radon mitigations systems are almost always installed using the sub-slab depressurization method.  This consists of getting negative air flow typically under each foundation floor. In Chicagoland, homes built around 1970 and after were typically installed with a layer of stone under the concrete floors which help radon reduction tremendously. Homes built prior to that they just poored the concrete directly on the compacted earth in which we typically do not get good air movement thru.  To get around this hinderance, we use a high suction fan and try to dig out atleast 15 gallons of earth to create the biggest surface area of earth to get suction from.  Sometimes this is not enough and we need to add additional suction points or do a process called stitching which is just creating a larger pocket under the concrete.  


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       Not all mitigation systems are created equal. Just because you have a system installed, does not mean it is even getting rid of any radon!  The only way to know how well a system is working is to do a radon test!  At Inspect It Chicago, Inc. we do not cut any corners when installing a system.  Our trained installers have seen every situation and have a solution for all of them.  There has not been a situation in which we could not lower the radon levels below 4.0pCi/L!  Our full basement installs typically take around 2 hours to install.  We use drop cloths in our pathways and will treat you and  your home with complete respect.  Our standard prices included a complete 3" pvc system with Festa fans, a custom sump lid with 4" access port (no caulking), any floor cracks or cold joint caulking, and all electric up to code. We have a 5 year transferrable warranty that includes a free new fan if it ever dies in that period.