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Foundation Crack Repairs

Inspect It Chicago also specialized in both epoxy foundation crack and polyeurethane crack repairs for over 15 years now.  Basement waterproofing, foundation cracks, sump pumps and radon mitigation systems ususally go hand in hand.  Every crack is different but most cracks just need the expanding polyeurethane injection to seal up the crack.  The epoxy injections are used for structural cracks which typically run more horizontal or are below a beam. Our standard 1/8" wide x 8' foundation wall epoxy or polyeurethane crack repairs start at $450.  We have a lifetime guarantee from the cracks ever leaking again!  The process usually takes under 2 hours but will smell your house up for a few hours.  Usually just a text message picture to 630.277.2646 of the crack(s) is enough to give a quote.