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Radon Home Testing

*We are a licensed residential radon gas testing & mitigation professional in Illinois.

*We use Sun Nuclear 1027 continuous radon monitors which take hourly readings and are very reliable.

*Residential radon tests for real estate transactions are a minimum 48 hour test. Closed home conditions must be maintained to obtain accurate results.

*Testing location protocol: 1 monitor for a full basement, full crawlspace or slab, 2 monitors for a partial basement with a crawl or slab and 3 monitors for three different foundation types.

* We usually can be there within 1 day to set up the radon test.

*A full detailed report with hourly readings will be emailed within 24 hours of conclusion of test and commonly within  a couple hours after test.

Radon Home Test Pricing

*Price for 48 hour radon home test is $220.

* There is NO additional charge for multiple test locations.

*Price does NOT include a retest after mitigation system is installed.  We cannot install mitigation systems on the same property we test. Just text Steve if you need a mitigation referral.

*Discounts are available to everyone. Click HERE to see how you can save money on your radon test.