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Radon FAQ’s

*Radon comes from the breakdown of uranium in the earth. Uranium is the most abundant element on earth and is everywhere.

*Radon is lighter than air so it finds the easiest path of travel up like water finds the easiest path down. It also can not be sensed by any human sense.

*Radon levels build up in homes because there is typically no air movement between the inside and outside.

*Radon levels are typically the highest in the basement due to its “shelf life”. Elevated radon levels can be detected with slab and crawlspace foundations.

*Radon is found everywhere in the Chicagoland area with the highest levels being in the Fox Valley area. Typically the closer you get towards the lake, the lower the radon levels.

*The radon molecule only lasts 3-4 days before it basically “spontaneously combusts” which is called radiation in the form of alpha/beta and gamma.

*When this happens in the lungs, your cells and dna get damaged. Cells are constantly replicating and now they will replicate the newly damaged cells (CANCER).

*Radon is estimated to kill 21,000 humans every year in America.

*Since you care about your family and yourself, continue educating yourself about all products/foods/drinks that are harmful to the body. Slow down life, stop with the convenient foods and prepare fresh everyday! Your family matters!

*Here is a list of stuff that is killing Americans (Sorry, for going off on a tangent)

Sugar, preservatives/addatives, GMO’s, glyphosate, high fructose corn syrup, flouride, aspartame, MSG, food coloring, artificial sweetners, refined grains, carrageenan

*The world is owned by 6 companies, my advice to stay healthy is to purchase your groceries at local farms and stay away from ALL corporations and convenient foods and get a good filter system for your homes water.

* Stay healthy my friends

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